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Social media is transforming the way organizations communicate — the many social tools that are available today are very cost-effective compared to traditional approaches. Blog posts and tweets enable businesses to create communities, offer immediate feedback or assistance, and promote their products and services. This assessment basically tries to analyze the effects of the growth of social media and its implications in the society. This paper also tries to find out the usefulness of social media as a tool of communication. The 21 Century Church needs to take heed of the lesson taught in the parable of the unfaithful steward (Luke 16:1-13), as Jesus said that the sons of this world are more shrewd in their generation that the sons of the light in their dealing with others. The saints of the church need to be as shrewd as the unrighteous holders of wealth and knowledge of the world, while reaching out to sinners so that many may be saved and bound into an everlasting home.

Biblical outreach preaching and teaching becomes very much feasible if it is facilitated by social media technologies. For instance, believers can help establish bible study groups in their local churches. Believers in the same study groups can prepare written and visual biblical resources to be used in their own church ministries. Teachers in the world are cashing on the growing popularity of blogging and micro-blogging by using blogs as additional teaching/learning resources. Social media may provide simple, inexpensive ways to reach out to back sliding church members, unbelievers, and further build the Body of Christ. As more laborers emerge to work in the harvest fields, there will be a greater capacity for groups to organize and participate in the teaching disciples’ process, a hallmark purpose for all members of the church. Social media can be effective for building biblical wisdom among all saints; while believers can establish themselves as approved workers of the Lord in the ministry venues they have been called to plow, where they can begin to influence people living in these fields with their testimony of love, light and truth.  Social media technologies are capable of reaching audiences of believers and unbelievers alike, all over the world. .

What can the viewer expect to see at the Branches of the Cross Ministries YouTube channel?

The viewer may expect to share biblically centered roundtable discussions, links and videos, depicting the sinful causes and the scriptural responses to many challenging community issues nowadays pertaining to substance abuse addiction, alcoholism, pornography, prostitution, sex trade, runaway youth, child abuse, domestic violence, gang violence, homelessness, immigration, education and unemployment, racial unrest and discrimination, among other in depth subjects to be addressed by the invited guests. There will also be discussions about interpretations of biblical doctrines and practices, which aim to establish open biblical conversations among the saints in the Body of Christ about God’s absolute truth while trying to edify a true spiritual unity among the members of the church of the Lord. The members of the Body of Christ need to proactively and biblically address the issues that divide the communities we live in today while engaging its members in conversations that will bring spiritual oneness and unity among believers in God’s ultimate truth, as revealed in the Bible, using any social platform or venue that will bear eternal fruits of righteousness and will bring glory to God.

Branches of the Cross Ministries, Inc: Ministry Purposes and Social Media

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